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School Uniform

At Layer de la Haye Primary School, we believe that it is important for children to wear a uniform which identifes them as part of our school community, giving them a sense of belonging while representing our school in the wider community.  Our uniform requirements take into consideration the cost to parents whilst ensuring that children are smart in their appearance throughout the school day.  

School Uniform

School uniform should be worn by all pupils on days where children do not have P.E.

Royal Blue cardigan/sweatshirt with school logo
White Polo Shirt (With/without school logo)
Grey/charcoal trousers/skirt/pinafore
Black school shoes (not trainers or boots)
Royal blue checked summer dress or Royal blue checked all-in-one summer shorts set (no shorter than mid thigh) or grey/charcoal shorts (no shorter than mid thigh) can be worn in the summer months: April - October

Uniform items with a logo can be purchased from Class Clobber and My Clothing

P.E Kit

P.E kit should be worn to school on days where P.E is timetabled.  This will be communicated to you by your child's class teacher.

White T-shirt with school logo
Navy blue sports shorts (not cycling shorts/skorts)
Navy blue/black tracksuit (Brand free)
School Fleece (optional)


We pride ourselves on being an all-weather school and will promote the use of the outdoors in all weathers.  We would ask that children have wellies, waterproof trousers and waterproof jackets available to them for such purposes.  These can be kept in school or brought into school on timetabled outdoor learning days or in wet weather. 


We would ask that all long hair is tied back for school.  Hair accessories should be limited to blue/black/white head bands, hair bands and hair slides and hair should not be coloured or shaven with lines or patterns. For health and safety reasons, we limit jewellery to a small pair of studded earrings (on days where children do not have P.E), along with a wrist watch.  Tattoos should not be visible and children are not permitted to wear nail varnish.

We recognise that children experiment with their identity as they develop, however we believe that school is a place that should feel safe and free from any peer pressure associated with fashion.  The expectations for our uniform and presentation are a reflection of this and prepare children for further expectations in secondary school.


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