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Welcome to the Five Hive! Our class are using the analogy of how a bee hive works, to understand the importance of the part we all play in making our "hive" function. There is a collaborative approach to our learning and behaviour, where we understand the school rules, children are able to self-regulate their behaviour and also encourage those around them to aspire to these high expectations. 


Class Teacher: Mr Tuttlebee
Learning Support and Care Assistant: Mrs DeWit
 Concept question - How Do Physical Features Effect How We Live?

The focus for our Spring Term will be about rivers and mountains! We look at where rivers come from and the journeys and vocabulary associated with them. We look at the River Axe and understand how to read maps identifying how landmarks are shown on these. We finally look at the River Colne, track its journey, and discuss the changes along its path to the estuary at East Mersea. Our mountain work will look at how the communities around them are impacted and how it affects civilians way of living.

In maths this term, we will be looking at fractions, multiplication and division by up to four-digits, decimals and percentages and perimeter and area.

In English this term we will continue expand the quality of the vocabulary that the children use and understand through our work on the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We will use this as a vehicle for us to write our own dramatic stories! We will also be listening to "The Highwayman by Loreena McKennitt  and watching Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac! Further work will be completed looking at stories from other cultures, letter writing, persuasive writing and some free-form poetry.


The spring term is spent understanding about Forces and  Chemical Changes. Our forces work is all about understanding what forces are, how they impact on the world around us and how forces can be generated using pulleys and levers. Our changes work, focuses on reversible and irreversible changes - involving some very messy, smelly and disgusting science experiments!

On Thursday 12th January 2023, Chef Ashley, as part of the Adopt a School Trust, came in to show us some cutting skills and help us prepare a salad! The children thoroughly enjoyed their time and came away with lot of new learning. Well done, Year 5!

Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen

Our Class text this term is Boy in the Tower.  A story about the strange goings on of the Bluchers who have invaded a city and the impact of this. This books coveres some great PSHE topics like Friendship, Mental Health, Duty to name but a few.


Children will read chapters with an adult, independently, or as part of a pairing. Each day we will focus on one of the following from our V.I.P.E.R.S.

Monday - Vocabulary day - We identify new words across the upcoming chapter, and try to work out their meaning.

Tuesday - Reading day - Children will read up to three short chapters across the thrity minutes.

Wednesday - VIPER Day - children answer questions regarding Inference skills, Prediction Skills, Explanation work and Summary.

Thursday - We look at one of the V.I.P.E.R skills in more detail on this day, applying it to chapters from this week. 

Friday - Children apply the skills of Thursday to the book themselves now.

End of the Day Book: Where the River Begins by Patricia St. John

This beautiful, moving story will be read most days at the end of the day. Its a perfect time for children to enjoy someone reading to them, to discuss a story that has alot of themes cleverly hidden beneath the story and for children to increase their enjoyment of books; realising that every book is an opportunity for a little adventure . . . 



PE Days: Monday (Dance - indoors) and Tuesday (Tag Rugby- outdoors)

Homework: Reading (5 days a week minimum), Spelling + Weekly Maths or English (Handed out on a Monday and returned by the following Monday) 

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