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Class Teacher: Mr Tuttlebee
Learning Support and Care assistant: Mrs de-Wit

Welcome to the Five Hive! Our class are using the analogy of how a bee hive works, to understand the importance of the part we all play in making our "hive" function. There is a collaborative approach to our learning and behaviour, where we understand the school rules, children are able to self-regulate their behaviour and also encourage those around them to aspire to these high expectations. 

 How do physical features affect the way we live?

The focus for our SpringTerm will be on understanding about rivers and mountains. We will understand how rivers are formed and how they change over their course to the sea. We will better understand the River Colne and its journey through Colchester and out to Mersea. We will be understanding how to use Ordnance Survey maps and use grid references to locate places along the River Colne. The children will appreciate how the river impacts on Mersea and its fishermen. Towards the end of the unit, we will compare and contrast some mountains in the United Kingdom with some famous ones from around the world!


In Maths this Spring term, we will be looking at perimeter and area, formal multiplication and division strategies, comparing,ordering, adding and subtracting both mixed number and improper fractions, and finally understanding decimals and how they relate to fractions and percentages!


In English this term we have been looking at the poem some creative writing based on "The Alchemist's Letter". Following on from this we focus heavily on the Shakespeare's plays of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Macbeth". We will be looking at using these for descriptive writing, narrative poetry, play writing and newspaper writing. We finish off the term by looking the famous poem, "The Highwayman". Our grammar this term will be focused on parenthesis, sentence starters of -ing and -ed, high quality vocabulary and the rules of direct speech. 

Cook, Cook, Cook!

We had great fun with Darren from Roots for Food helping us to make Japanese Teriyaki! In teams, we chopped vegetables using the bridge and claw technique, used spices and flavourings to marinade the chicken or Quorn and used the steamer and electric wok to bring the ingredients together to make this delicious dish!

The Boy in the Tower, Polly Ho-Yen

Our Class text this term is The Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen, a novel which tells the story of two friends, Ade and Gaia, who are beginning to notice strange goings on around their area.  Buildings are collapsing and no one knows why . . .  


Children will read chapters independently, as part of a pairing or with adult support; Investigate the meaning and context of new vocabulary; Answer questions about the text, explaning their understanding and understand characters through their actions within the story

End of the Day Book: Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpugo

Michael Morpugo remains one of the best child authors for Year 5, so I will be reading this to the children at the end of most days. This is a chance for children to listen to a story to encourage their enthusiasm for reading, to develop the skill of asking questions to better their understanding and to increase the range of vocabulary that they are exposed too. 



PE Days: Monday (Gymnastics- indoors) and Tuesday (Handball- outdoors)

Homework: Reading (5 days a week minimum), Spelling + Weekly Maths or English (Handed out on a Monday and returned by the following Monday) 

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