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Class Teacher: Mr Tuttlebee
Learning Support and Care Assistant: Mrs de-Wit

Welcome to the Five Hive! Our class are using the analogy of how a bee hive works, to understand the importance of the part we all play in making our "hive" function. There is a collaborative approach to our learning and behaviour, where we understand the school rules, children are able to self-regulate their behaviour and also encourage those around them to aspire to these high expectations. 

 How does conflict change our planet?

The focus for our Autumn term will be on understanding how the Battle of Britain impacted the world we live in now. The children will have a better understanding of the cause of World War 2, the reasons why Britain got involved, what happened at Dunkirk and then analysing how real the threat of invasion was for Britain in 1940. This will culminate with a visit to the Imperial War Musuem in London! To finish off the unit, we have a look at the Shang Dynasty from China, understanding how an ancient civilisation was rediscovered and the impact of this.


In Maths this Autumn Term, we will be looking at place value, including Roman Numerals, addition and subtraction methods (formal and mentally), multiplication and division, and finally looking at fractions. These are some core units that set our mathematical understanding for the year.


In English this term we will be looking at the suspense stories, which will involve lots of oral practise of story telling and then culminating with the children writing their own chilling tales! We follow on from this by looking at biographies, and will find out more about Winston Churchill before writing his biography for him! We also look at the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, and experiment with making our own words up and then writing our own structrued poem. Finally we look at stories from other cultures; children will read a story and then write some letters in character talking about their journey and experiences.


The Autumn Term is spent understanding about our Solar System followed by understanding about forces. In our Space work, we understand about the differing planets, how people thought differently about where the Sun was, understand the size difference and distances of the planets and even learn some songs to help us remember facts! Our Forces work is all about understanding what forces are, how they impact on the word around us and how forces can be generated using pulleys and levers.

Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

Our Class text this term is Friend or Foe. A moving story about the adventures of two evacuees from London who soon find themselves caught up in moral dilemma about how we treat people that we're not meant to like . . . 

Friend or Foe cover

Children will read chapters independently, as part of a pairing or with adult support; Investigate the meaning and context of new vocabulary; Answer questions about the text, explaning their understanding and understand characters through their actions within the story. We even listen to the story being told and discuss which events are removed from the book and why.

End of the Day Book: Good Night Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

This classic story ties in beautifully with our topic this term, so I will be reading this to the children at the end of most days. A moving tale of one evacuee's experiences with a stranger that is an absolute classic. We will eventually watch the film after reading the book to compare how the book characters are shown and to see which events are covered in more detail. This is a chance for children to listen to a story to encourage their enthusiasm for reading, to develop the skill of asking questions to better their understanding and to increase the range of vocabulary that they are exposed too. 

Good Night Mr Tom cover


PE Days: Tuesday (Squash - indoors) and Friday (Netball - outdoors)

Homework: Reading (5 days a week minimum), Spelling + Weekly Maths or English (Handed out on a Monday and returned by the following Monday) 

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