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Class Teacher -  Miss Speller
Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Cock 

Do you have to be a Superhero to save the world?

This term our concept question is 'Do you have to be a Superhero to save the world?' We will look at ficitonal texts such a 'Superworm' and 'Supertato' and explore how superheroes save the day and help their friends. In addition to this we will look at different people in the world that help us and are real life superheroes. We will explore what qualities make a good superhero and we will design our very own superhero with powers. When looking at the 'Supertato' texts we will explore different fruit and vegetables and learn about having a healthy and balanced diet. Throughout this term we will have visits from many people that help us, such as police officers, firefighters and a dentist. Our visit from the dentist will help us learn about oral hygeine and the importance of brushing our teeth. In PE this term we will be doing gymnastics and we will be learning how to be a 'Champion gymnast'.  


Outdoor Learning

 We participate in weekly 'Outdoor Learning' sessions in our Forest School area. There are numerous benefits of learning outside the classroom for a child’s development, both physically and mentally. Recently we have read the story of 'We're going on a bear hunt' and together we went on our own bear hunt. We walked through the long wavy grass, the thick oozy mud, the dark forest and worked as a team to build a bridge to cross the river. We are yet to walk through the snowstorm, we are sure this will arrive in the winter. We did find some fresh paw prints that we think were left by a bear! Upon our return to the classroom we also found Bertie Bear, our class bear. Bertie likes to notice all of the children following our school rules and at the end of the week he likes to spend the weekend with our class role model. 

How we learn

In the Reception class the children have short adult led maths and phonics sessions. They then spend time in COOL (choose our own learning). This is where the children have opportunities to develop their own play and independent exploration. The adults then scaffold their learning, helping the children to deepen their knowledge and enrich their vocabulary. Through this the children are able to develop the characteristics of effective learning so that they can play and explore, actively learn and create and think critically.

There are seven areas of learning in reception:Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development, Literacy,  Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design


Gymnastics: Wednesday

Outdoor learning: Friday  

READING:  Please bring books bags and reading books into school on a either a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Please refer to the previous School Ping which informs you of the day that your child's books will be changed. 

Learning journals

At Layer, we use Tapestry, an easy-to-use and secure online learning journal helping staff and families celebrate their children's learning and development. Tapestry builds a very special record of a child's experiences, development and learning journey through their early years and primary education.

In addition to this we also use paper learning journals. Opportunities for you to view your child's learning journal will be communicated to you throughout the school year. 

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