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History Focus Project

How have significant people and events transformed the world we live in?

Why should they be remembered?

Our Autumn term project focus is history. We will be completing a project looking at key historical figures and significant events in history which have transformed the world we live in. We will study how and why they have changed our world. We will then consider why these people and events should be remembered. Firstly, we will research the rapid developement of the aviation and aeronautics industry over the last 200/220 years. We will research how transport has changed over the lasy two centuries. The Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong and Katharine Johnston will be the significant historical figures we will focus on when we look at the history of flight and space travel. Our second part to the project will involve looking further into history and studying the Great Fire of London and how this changed not only London itself but the way people live in many towns and cities across the country. As part of this, we will look at the significant historical figures of Christopher Wren and Samuel Pepys. We will also study Rosa Parks and her struggle with racial segregation in the USA during our English lessons, when we learn about Diary writing, later in the Autumn term. 


In our English lessons for the first three weeks of the Autumn term, we will be studying the author Anthiny Browne, the artist come author. We will look at several of his books, for example: The Tunnel, Gorilla and Zoo. We started using the Tunnel as our stimulus for writing, with teh children actually making their way through an actual tunnel which was built in the classroom. This tunnel led to a strange world which they described. Later we will write our own setting descriptions for other strange worlds or places. 



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PE DAY: Monday (inside - Gymnastics) and Thursday (outside - locomotion: running and dodging)

HOMEWORK: Daily reading (4-5 times a week), Times table Rockstars (20-25 mintues a week) and a talk homework task once a month roughly

READING BOOKS: Please hand in your child's reading book bags or folders on Thursday with the reading record inside. We will send these back home on Friday with new books in. 

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