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welcome to year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Baxter
HLLSCA: Mrs Springett


PE DAYS: Tuesday and Thursday

HOMEWORK : Daily reading and times table practice (TT Rockstars)

                         Year 3 weekly spelling practice - due every Thursday

READING BOOKS: Please ensure reading books are in school every day as we have a quiet reading session daily.

How do changes affect a community?

This half term we will using the book Stone Age Boy is explore our history project.  We will look at the changes that took  place from the Stone Age to the time of the Romans in Britain and how these changes affected those communities (both good and bad).  

We will be exploring cave art through this book using a very different medium to create our artwork.  We will also looking at how important these images are to understanding Stone Age way of life. Stone Age Boy will provide us with PSHE discussion points regarding friendships and relationship and how we don't have be alike or similar to get along. In DT, we will be using the outdoor area to create our own stone age pots.

stone age boy

Our Learning - Autumn 2020

The Stone Age

Stone Age artefacts appeared in our log circle in the meadow.  We explored these artefacts to gain first hand experience of the things we found.  We were able to summise what Stone Age people ate, what they may have used as kitchen utensils, how they may have started fires and also what they may have used to catch their prey.



In gymnastics, we have been learning to create and hold a balance.  We have also been exploring different ways of travelling on, over, under or through a piece of apparatus.  In Year 2 we learnt to travel in different ways (ie caterpillar and camel).  However, in Year 3 we are refining these moves by ensuring our legs are straight.  


In Science, we have been exploring Rocks, Soils and Fossils.  We have been investigating the properties of rocks using the correct scientific vocabulary.  We can describe how crumbly a rock is using the terminology 'friable' and we can describe a rock with opaque crystals as being 'crystalline'.

We have carried out investigations to find out how hard a rock is and also if rocks are waterproof (permeable and impermeable)

Year 3 created their own cave art taking inspiration from cave art from around the world.

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