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welcome to year 3

Class Teacher: Mr Taylor-Graham
LSCA: Miss Wright
Spring Term 2024 question: How do we draw strength from a catastrophe?

This page will give you an overview of our learning in class each term. As learning takes place, we will update the page with photos and links to share classwork and other activities with you.

This term our enquiry question is 'Do do we draw strength from a catastrophe?'. Our project focus is geography and DT.

In our Geography unit of work, the children will study what causes earthquakes and volcanoes. They will be reminded about the Equator and be able to locate countries in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. They will then specifcally focus on why New Zealand is prone to earthquakes and the impact such events have on the lives of people and places. In the second half of the project, children will explore how we can live more sustainable lives - including how humans can use the sun and wind to generate sustainable energy.

In the DT part of our project, children will learn the skills to use cross-stitch and running stitch to applique material onto another piece of material. They will use this skill to design and create their own cushions (photos of the finished product will be posted on this page when they are done!).


The children loved working in teams to create a Greek-inspired main course of lamb meatballs in a tomato sauce served with rice and a Greek salad. They practised the skills of cutting, crushing and stirring! The finished food tasted amazing! Well done Year 3. 


We had a fantastic day recognising World Book Day - celebrating our shared love of books and reading!


Our current class text is The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. The children have been engaging with this classic adventure story, recapping over key story points and exploring characters. We have just started to use the main villian of Starjik to create a rich, detailed character description.There is a copy of our class text map which we are learning in class - it describes Starjik!


This half term, children have considered different forms of communication. They have explored how emails work and learn how to reply to emails, adding attached and other relevant information.


We have recently started our new unit of work on length and permieter. For one of our first lessons, we took the learning outdoors! We went to the meadow and estimated objects that were roughy 10cm. We then measured them and did this again with objects between 20cm to 50cm. We then made a grid of our findings. This helped us to practise measuring accurately in cm using rulers and metre sticks.


We are currently learning about forces and magnets. Children have recently learnt that forces are contactable or non-contactable. In our last lesson, children will explore how friction can slow a moving object down. We have recently investigated this using toy cars on different surfaces to explore which surface allowed the car to travel the furthest. 

In our next lesson, we explored the non-contact force of magnets and investigated which magnet was the strongest. We did this by seeing how many paperclips would attach (in a chain) to each magnet.


Year 3 had a great day at the Wilderness Foundation project near Chelmsford. They learn about tree identification, habitats and climate challenge. Everyone had a fun day and learnt new things.


In our weekly squash sessions, children have been developing the relevant skills to play squash: wrist control, hand-eye co-ordination and racket control.

In our weekly dance sessions, the theme is basketball. Children have been developing their ball control skills to dribble the ball and pass it to a team mate. They will then take part in basketball matches.


Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon at the Garrison squash courts, getting to experience, on a real life squash court, what they have been practising during their weekly PE lessons. The children started off with a fun warm up game and then played mini matches against each other. Good job Team Year 3!


As part of our Agents of Change launch, children thought of positive affirmations to make people smile and chose one to draw onto a pebble. All the pebbles were then left out on the village green to encourage the community to come and read them. Each child loved getting the first stamp in their Agents of Change passport!


The children loved taking part in Boogie Bouncy. Heart rates were elevated and there was a range of energetic dance moves. Great work Year 3!


PE DAYS: Tuesday (Squash) and Friday (Outdoor Games).

HOMEWORK:  This will go home each week on a Wednesday and must be returned by the following Monday. Maths and spelling content will focus on work covered during the week in class and should be completed to condolidate learning.


READING BOOKS: Please ensure reading books are in school every day with the orange reading record. This is to check that children are reading at home daily and to ensure end of book quizzes can take place.

SPELLINGS: Weekly spellings - tested on Wednesdays.

MULTIPLICATION FACTS: Children should aim to log-in to Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) 3 times a week to practise multiplication facts.

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