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welcome to year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Baxter
HLLSCA: Mrs Springett
How can we draw strength from a catastrophe?

This half term we have become geographers.  We have been communicating using geographical language; we have investigated places and we have looked for patterns.  Our topic this half term has been earthquakes and volcanoes.  We have explored earthquakes in New Zealand looking at primary and secondary sources of evidence.  Looking at earthquakes over time, we were able to see where most earthquakes in New Zealand occur and make a possible prediction for the next large earthquake.  

In our writing, we have been looking at non-chronological reports.  We were able to use our knowledge and understanding of earthquakes and volcanoes to create non-chronological reports which included: headings, subheading, pictures with captions, diagrams with labels and fact boxes.

The Easter Story

Year 3 and 4 have been busy re-telling the Easter Story.  Having looked at parts of the story in the bible and recounting the main events of what Christians believe about Easter, the classes brought it to life with a performance at the church.

Cook, Cook, Cook!

We had great fun with Darren from Roots for Food helping us to make Japanese Teriyaki! In teams, we chopped vegetables using the bridge and claw technique, used spices and flavourings to marinade the chicken or Quorn and used the steamer and electric wok to bring the ingredients together to make this delicious dish!


In dance this half term we have been exploring different styles of dance from around the world and we have been inspired by dances from New York, South America, China and India to create a class dance.  Our dance has included whole class, small group, partner and individual elements.  We have looked at the dynamics of the dance (whether the moves are sharp/fast or slow/flowing).  Also focusing on creating moves with differing levels and change of direction.  We have learnt the word 'cannon' in relation to dance and included this in our dance sequence.  It means dancers take it in turns to perform identical sequences (like a Mexican wave).


In Science, we have been exploring magnets and magnetic forces.  We have investigated the properties of materials to see which are magnetic and which are not.  Also, we have looked at contact forces (pushes and pulls) and non-contact forces (such as magnetism).  Our investigations led us to discover that you can move certain objects, without actually touching them, by using magnets.  Recently, we found out that magnets have a north and south pole and, amazingly, if you put two magnets together with same pole, they won't touch because the 'repel' each other.  However, two magnets with different poles will touch because they 'attract'.

Look at our artwork taking inspiration from cave art around the world.

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In maths this half term we have been learning how to multiply and divide larger numbers.  We have used a range of methods including using place value grids with place value counters, an empty number line and the column method for multiplying.


PE DAYS: Wednesday and Thursday

HOMEWORK : Daily reading and times table practice (TT Rockstars)

SPELLING: Weekly spellings - due every Tuesday

READING BOOKS: Please ensure reading books are in school every day as we have a quiet reading session daily.

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