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Literacy: We have been creating our own adventure stories based on the Greek Myths which include a mythical creature, hero and gods and godesses. We will be writing diary entries in the character of one of the sailors from our class text following some hotseating.  We have put Odysseus on trial for the crime of losing his crew and being an unfit leader. 

Based on Kensuke's Kingdom, we have written letters and a newspaper report. We have been concentrating on our PALL for pieces of work: Pupose, Audience, Language and Layout.

History: Is there evidence to suggest whether a version of the Trojan Horse story is actually true? We are using our History skills to try and arrive at an answer. We will also be joined, online, by a curator of The Museum of Classical Archeaology at the University of Cambridge to talk us through the various statues and artefacts that have been found and how they link with what we know about the Greeks and their culture. We are writing a discussion text to state whether the story of the Trojan Horse is Fact, Myth or Legend.

PSHE: Linked to our question, we are considering our rights and responsibilities and studying how democracy, elections and laws work. We will welcome a representative working for Parliament to discuss Laws and Debating. 

Year 6 is a time when our pupils have the chance to prove that they are able to develop mature and have conscientious attitudes towards their own learning and to develop attitudes and routines that will help them cope with the demands of secondary school. It is also a time when they celebrate their achievements and the end of their primary school career. As the oldest children in the school, we expect Year 6 to set an example to the rest of the school in terms of behaviour and attitude towards learning. We expect the children to strive to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum and to take responsibility for their own learning - to challenge themselves, to aim high, and be prepared to achieve.


PE: Thursday and Friday (please come to school dressed in your PE kit on these days)

Outdoor Learning: Not currently timetabled - you will be alerted by school ping when outdoor clothing is needed.

Homework: Reading and maths homework is set on the Purple Mash learning platform on a Friday for completion by the following Thursday. Spellings will be given as a paper copy on Tuesdays to be completed by the following Monday. On some weeks, talk homework will be given on a Thursday to be completed that day and returned on Friday morning to support an independent writing task.

Reading: It is expected that pupils will read regularly throughout the week at home, and complete a quiz on their book in school when they have completed it. They will also have a group reading book to keep up with each week.

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